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With our state-of-the-art facilities, Tyler’s Automotive with locations in Tigard, Wilsonville and Newberg Oregon, is equipped and staffed to offer complete automotive service and repair.

But don’t just take our word for it. Each of our three locations is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). In fact, founding owner Tyler Ellenson is an ASE Service Consultant, as is each Lead Service Advisor. Our shops are also AAA-Approved Auto Repair Facilities, and NAPA Auto Care Centers.

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Our technicians only use the highest quality parts and diagnostic equipment, and receive regular training and inspections to remain in good standing with these organizations. This also means you never have to take your vehicle to a dealer for factory-recommended maintenance. We are qualified to handle it. Here is just a few of our services:

Lube, Oil Change (with complimentary 27-point vehicle inspection)
Front-End Alignments

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Brake repair / replacement
Auto electrical repair
Transmission Repair
Tire chain sales / fitting



DID YOU KNOW WE CAN HELP TAKE CARE OF YOUR DEQ? That’s right! In addition to the other services and products we can provide, we can now take care of your DEQ, too! We are one of the approved Business Participants in the DEQ Too program which allows us to transmit your vehicle emissions data to DEQ! No more waiting in lines and your new registration stickers arrive in the mail from DMV within as few as 3 business days. We can do this for you and send you on your way within a short time! We will be ready for you any time during our normal business hours! We are open Monday thru Friday 8am-6pm. We offer this data transmittal for any eligible vehicle (typically 2005 or newer) and charge you a $20 device-usage fee which is in addition to the cost DEQ’s Clean Air Certificate of Compliance. If your car does not pass, there is no cost to you. We accept most forms of payment including cash and credit cards. You can learn more about the details of eligibility and fee amounts here. Tyler's Automotive DEQ TOO Information.

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Our Credentials

  • DEQ Too +

    Tyler’s Automotive offers DEQ too.
    In addition to the other services and products we can provide, we can now take care of your DEQ, too! We are one of the approved Business Participants in the DEQ Too program which allows us to transmit your vehicle emissions data to DEQ!
  • NAPA +

    Quality, Experience, Integrity.
    For mechanical repairs, Tyler’s Automotive, a napa autocare Center offers a Nationwide 24,000 miles or 24 months warranty on repairs.
  • AAA +

    Tyler’s Automotive meets strict A A A requirements
    regarding competency, reliability, cleanliness, timely repairs, fair pricing and certified technicians.
  • ASE +

    Tyler’s Automotive employs ASE certified professionals.
    Our technicians have proven themselves to be knowledgeable professionals in all areas of vehicle care and maintenance.
  • Tires+

    Visit Tyler's Automotive now to weatherize your car before the storm hits. Tyler's Automotive provides winter road conditions services and offers excellent prices on state of the art tire chains and snow tires. Tyler's will make sure your vehicles are safe on the road whatever the weather condition. Even in a snow storm, visit one of our three locations and an auto technician will put the chains on for you for free with your purchase.

  • Tire Chain Service+

  • Manual & Automatic Transmission Repair/Replacement+

    The transmissions of today are much more sophisticated than in years past and require an intimate knowledge of both the mechanical as well as the electronic (computer controlled) systems for proper diagnosis & repair. Tyler's Automotive has both the latest training and information systems as well as State-of-the-Art diagnostic equipment to quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair your vehicle. Also note that many of the transmissions we supply also come with extended warranties of up to 3 years or 100,000 miles!
    (Not all makes and models will receive extended warranty coverage.)
  • Front-End Alignment+

    Wheel alignment sometimes referred to as breaking, or tracking is part of standard car maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer specifications. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tire wear and to ensure that vehicle travel is straight and true (without "pulling" to one side).

  • 4WD Repair+

    4WD vehicles use a "transfer case" and other components to provide power to all 4 wheels. This is especially useful when driving in wet/snowy intermittent conditions but also allows off-road enthusiasts to enjoy getting to places not accessible by any other mode of transport. Although generally reliable, there are intricacies to these systems that at times can cause operation problems. Our certified technicians have many years of dealing with transmissions, our expertise and experience allow us the ability to properly diagnose and repair these systems. Obviously, the best situation would be to have little or no problems with the 4WD systems in your vehicle. That is why we recommend regular maintenance of the vital fluids used by these components. Ask our Service Advisor today how best to maintain your 4WD system.
  • Check Engine Light+

    Ever have that "Check Engine" light come on at the dash? Maybe the engine just isn't running quite right? Fuel mileage not what it used to be? In any event, Tyler's Automotive can help get to the bottom of those annoying "drivability" concerns. Tyler's Automotive utilizes the latest in diagnostic and information systems and highly skilled technicians to quickly diagnose and repair your concerns.
  • Air Conditioning Service & Repair+

    Don't let the heat get you down- keep it cool with Tyler's Automotive during the hot months of the year. Using State-of-the-Art equipment, we will evacuate and measure the refrigerant in your system, recharge the system with the proper refrigerant and test for proper cooling. In the event we find the system low on refrigerant, we will test for leaks to determine the proper course for repair, thereby ensuring you a long cool summer.
  • Electrical/Battery Service & Repair+

    Tyler's Automotive can provide full electrical system diagnosis and repair for the starting systems as well as the other fused electrical circuitry on your vehicle. These are the type of repairs that call upon the expertise and knowledge of a skilled and trained technician. Tyler's Automotive's electrical specialists are ASE Certified and ASE Master Certified Technicians.
  • Radiator/Cooling System Service & Repair+

    The cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, cooling fan and various hoses and engine passages and is susceptible to coolant degradation and corrosion damage. Radiator failures and water pumps are some of the main reasons we see fail but also engine gaskets and hose failures also commonly occur. The potential for engine damage due to poor cooling system operation or component failures is high.
    Although we can provide repairs when failures occur, we would prefer to help our customers by providing preventive maintenance such as regular cooling system flushes and replacement of worn hoses, before failures occur.
  • Power Door Lock/Window Service & Repair+

    Power door locks and power windows are common systems that fail. Many times a simple switch is the culprit, but often a door lock actuator or window motor requires replacement. Tyler's Automotive can commonly repair these problems same day (providing parts are available). If that power window or lock doesn't work, just give us a call.
  • Major Engine Repair+

    Many of the major engine repairs that we see tend to be related to gasket failures. Repairs such as cylinder head or intake manifold gasket repairs are well within the scope of repairs that we perform. Our technicians are meticulous when performing component reassembly to ensure proper fit and finish of the repair. We're proud of our work and we think you will notice the attention to detail, both at the counter and under the hood.
  • Engine Replacement+

    Tyler's Automotive provides engine replacement service when a vehicle's engine has exhausted its usable life. Jasper engines are always the first choice when available, local rebuilt engines are our second choice. Because of our choice to utilize only the best replacement engines, we are limited in the vehicles we can provide engine replacements for. Contact one of our Master Technicians for additional information on a replacement engine.
  • Brake Service & Repair+

    The braking system of your car is one of its most vital safety features. Tyler's Automotive performs a comprehensive brake inspection before we recommend any brake related repairs. This inspection includes checking the condition of the brake fluid itself as well as the various mechanical and electronic components of the brake system. The fluid is the brake system's life's blood and is susceptible to moisture collection and contamination which can damage the sensitive Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) components. With today's sophisticated brake systems, flushing the brake fluid regularly will allow your brakes to perform at optimal performance.
  • Clutch System Repair Service & Replacement+

    Tyler's Automotive begins with a comprehensive inspection of the clutch system to determine the source of the problem and therefore can recommend the proper repair. In some cases, the problem may only be a clutch hydraulic component failure such as a clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder. In other cases the clutch may indeed require replacement. In the event that a clutch replacement is required, we will only use new clutches from trusted manufacturers and resurfacing or replacing of the flywheel is always performed to control the quality of the final repair.
  • Tune-Up+

    With "Recommended or Scheduled Maintenance" detailed out in most vehicles owner's manuals, "Tune-Ups" are now becoming obsolete. Most "Tune-Ups" were a replacement of spark plugs, which is now included in the maintenance schedule. If your car engine is running poorly or check engine light is on, let us run a engine diagnosis to determine the best course of care for you vehicle.