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If you drive a car, you have most likely witnessed the disturbing moment when your vehicle’s check engine light comes on. That sudden brightness on the dash can turn a good day bad. With most newer model cars, there are many other signals that can appear when there’s a problem too. Low tire pressure, check oil, and some that are mysterious until you pull out your car’s manual.

Tyler Automotive Diagnostic Tests


The only sure way to know what’s happening and where in the car it is happening is to have a diagnostic test. At Tyler’s Automotive, we offer professional auto diagnostic service that takes just a few minutes. Our highly skilled technicians use the latest in diagnostic and information systems to pull up the code that corresponds to the problem area of the car so you can quickly know if the problem means you should stop driving immediately or if you have a bit of time to schedule repairs. We’re happy to offer repair services based on our diagnostic findings and we’re so confident we’ll have you back on the road, that we back up our diagnostic service with our 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty.

What does that OBD code mean?

Technically speaking, the codes the technician sees are diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) that are stored by the car’s onboard computer diagnostic system (OBD). When that check engine light flashes on it can be representing hundreds of different codes. To figure out the problem, our ASE certified technicians will hook up an OBD scanner which will reveal a code that corresponds to whatever is failing in your car. You can also purchase your own OBD scanner, but knowing what’s wrong is only half the problem unless you are skilled in car repair.

Each trouble code is four numbers preceded by one letter. The letter will show what system is affected.

  • B-codes stand for body and are generally functions that provide comfort, convenience, and safety to the drivers and passengers inside the car.
  • C-codes are for the chassis, typically mechanical systems like brakes, steering, and suspension.
  • P-codes represent powertrain problems in the engine, transmission or associated drivetrain.
  • U-codes are network and vehicle integration meaning the computers and systems of the vehicles may no longer be on speaking terms.

Following those letters are digits. The first digit in the code will tell you if the code is generic or manufacturer specific, with 0 representing generic and 1 indicating manufacturer. Basically, the generic list may not have everything a manufacturer believes its car needs so they add their own codes.

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Next time that Check Engine light comes on, remember that the only way to know why it lit up is to run a diagnostics test. If you’re on the road, pull out your manual to get a better idea of how safe your car is to drive. A flashing Check Engine light generally means you should stop driving and call a tow truck, while a steady light indicates you’re likely safe to drive until you can schedule an appointment at your favorite auto repair shop. Why not request service with Tyler’s Automotive?

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