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About DEQ Testing at Tyler's Automotive

At Tyler’s Automotive, we take pride in offering our customers not only top notch service but also convenience. With this in mind, we are proud to be an approved Business Participant in Oregon’s DEQ Too program which allows us to conduct vehicle emission tests and transmit that data right to DEQ. That means you can have your car tested at one of our 3 convenient locations and within days you’ll receive your new registration stickers in the mail from the DMV.

Our DEQ Testing Service


DEQ testing can be done anytime during our normal business hours on any eligible vehicle (generally 2005 or newer models). We do charge a nominal fee which is in addition to the cost for DEQ’s Clean Air Certificate of Compliance. If your car doesn’t pass you will not be charged, and we, of course, will be happy to help fix your car and retest at a later time.

Per DEQ guidelines, all the following criteria must be met for you to use our DEQ Too testing service:

  • 1 Vehicle is registered within the DEQ testing boundary.
  • 2 Have a current registration renewal and must be renewed before the registration has been expired for over 365 days.
  • 3 Able to complete DEQ certification and DMV registration online only.
  • 4 Vehicle model year is 4 years or older​.
  • 5 Vehicle must have an electronic VIN; typically, model years 2005 and newer. (Gasoline/flex fueled vehicles larger than 8,500 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight, and must be model years 2013 and newer. GVW can normally be found on the driver’s side door-jam labels).
  • 6 Standard passenger plated vehicles only. (No: T-plate, B-Plate, Permanent Fleet, Tow/recovery)​

Note for model year 1996 and newer vehicles: A car that has the check engine light on will likely not pass the DEQ test. We can determine the problem and do the repairs. Once repairs are completed, your vehicle must run through drive cycles to give its computer enough time to evaluate all of the emission control equipment and assure you’ll pass the DEQ test. If you try to go too early the test will come back as “unready” and you’ll need to try again. Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the process.

Schedule DEQ Emission Testing Today

While DEQ testing can seem to be a nuisance, we stand behind the state’s efforts to reduce air pollution and ground-level ozone. Plus, we do our best to make it easy for you. Car and truck emissions are responsible for the majority of pollution and by helping our customers keep their car emissions within acceptable levels, we feel we are doing our part for a greener tomorrow.

If you’re in need of DEQ emission testing, Request Service with Tyler’s Automotive today.

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