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Whether your car is foreign or domestic, gas, diesel, or hybrid, the team of mechanics at Tyler’s has never met a car problem that we can’t resolve. However, we know that regular maintenance is the key to keeping you on the road worry-free. No matter if it’s time for an oil change or that pesky check engine light has come on, rest assured we have you covered.

Popular Services

The services we provide most often are oil changes, alignments, brakes, DEQ testing, and, yes, diagnostic repair. Here’s a little overview of our common services:


Oil Service

Oil keeps the various parts of your engine lubricated to prevent wear and tear. Your car’s oil system includes a pump, pan gasket, and filter. The oil pump pushes oil through the engine to prevent friction and wear, and prevent mechanical failure. Oil filters prevent debris from getting into the engine. Keeping your engine running efficiently is really as simple as having routine oil and filter changes. Lack of routine oil changes can cause expensive mechanical failure.

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Your car is connected to its wheels through a suspension system, which works along with the car’s steering to assure your tires properly contact the road. Hitting a curb, speedbump, or pothole, or driving off-road can put the car out of alignment and cause excessive wear on the tires. Checking and adjusting that alignment is an important maintenance item, as is rotating the tires so that they wear evenly. It’s easy for us to do a visual inspection of the tires and alignment when we’re doing a routine oil change and this simple job can save you lots of headaches down the road.

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Brakes are made of several components: calipers, brake pads, rotor, and master cylinder. These work in tandem to stop your car’s wheels when you step on the brakes. Obviously having the brakes function correctly is one of the most critical parts of car care. Any of the components can eventually wear down so we consider regular inspections important. We also recommend that if you start hearing squealing, grinding, or squeaking when you push the brake pedal, or if the brakes feel stiff or squishy, and especially if it takes longer for your car to come to a stop, that you come in and let a certified mechanic take a look around.

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DEQ Testing

We are a DEQ TOO location that allows us to transmit any eligible vehicle’s emissions data directly to DEQ. We charge a device-usage fee that will be in addition to the DEQ fees, but we also save you from sitting in line at the DEQ station, and we don’t charge if your car doesn’t pass. You do have to meet certain criteria to take advantage of this service such as having a current registration, an electronic VIN, and being within a DEQ testing boundary. Your vehicle will need to be 2005 and greater.

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Diagnostic Testing

If you drive a car, you have most likely witnessed the disturbing moment when your vehicle’s check engine light comes on. That sudden brightness on the dash can turn a good day bad. With most newer model cars, there are many other signals that can appear when there’s a problem too. Low tire pressure, check oil, and some that are mysterious until you pull out your car’s manual.

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Of course we handle all types of problems. If you want to learn more about what might be wrong with your car, we provide educational guidance to get you started. Or, you can always contact us with any concerns you have.

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